1. Why don't you have a greater selection of American Beer available?
2. Can you offer single-bottle ordering, so we can provide customers with a greater selection of liquor?
3. Who is responsible for products being out of stock in the Connect warehouse?
4. Why are products still listed in the Wholesale Price List, yet they have been out of stock for months?
5. How can I find out when a product will be back in stock and available for ordering again?
6. How are LTO's (Limited Time Offers) allocated?
7. Why can't you implement a fairer method of distributing the gift tins etc., that come into the warehouse at Christmas?
8. Why do I have to order a minimum of 25 cases?
9. We're a new business, and have trouble meeting the 25 case minimum every week.
10. My store is in the country and I'd like to order every week instead of every 2 weeks. Can I do this?
11. Can I order Liquor products over the Internet?
12. I don't pay order or delivery charges with other beverage alcohol warehouses so why do I have to pay Connect for order and delivery?
13. How do I pay for my order?
14. Why can't you offer me more order payment options?
15. Why can't you give me some leeway on my Bank Guarantee Letter when I go over the limit?
16. Who do I contact when I am short-shipped cases on my order?
17. Who do I contact if product is damaged in transit?
18. Who do we contact regarding customer complaints on bad product?
19. Why isn't there a minimum liquor mark up?
20. Is there anyone at Connect Logistics Services that I can call with questions?